Final Day Review: Thrilling Matches and Champions Crowned at the Men’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2024


The final day of the Men’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2024 in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan, was a thrilling conclusion to an exciting tournament. The day saw five matches, with teams battling it out for final positions and the coveted title.

7th/8th Place Match: Singapore vs. Tajikistan
Singapore dominated Tajikistan with a convincing 10-0 win, securing 7th place in the tournament.

5th/6th Place Match: Indonesia vs. Oman
Indonesia emerged victorious against Oman with a 5-3 win, taking 5th place in the tournament.

3rd/4th Place Match: Kazakhstan vs. Thailand
Host nation Kazakhstan secured 3rd place with a commanding 7-2 win over Thailand.

Final Match: Iran vs. Malaysia
In the highly anticipated final match, Iran proved their prowess with a resounding 7-1 win over Malaysia, claiming the Men’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2024 title.

The tournament showcased exceptional skill, determination, and sportsmanship from all participating teams. The final day’s matches were a fitting conclusion to an exciting competition, with teams giving their all in pursuit of victory.

Congratulations to Iran on their well-deserved championship, and to all teams for their outstanding performances throughout the tournament!

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