First AirAsia Development Activity Plan takes place in Chinese Taipei.


AirAsia with close collaboration and partnership with Asian Hockey Federation has successfully delivered the first AirAsia Development Activity Plan in Chinese Taipei.

Under this Development Activity Plan for Chinese Taipei, AHF with the help of AirAsia and the Chinese Taipei Hockey Association has successfully delivered various Training Camps and National Tournaments.

AHF and AirAsia found it to be an amazing opportunity to deliver a special equipment support package to Chinese Taipei during their National Chung-Cheng Cup Hockey Tournament. This Tournament is held from 3 to 13 December with an astounding 1200+ hockey players participating in the tournament.

This was an incredible opportunity for such a development activity especially this tournament being the last national hockey tournament of the year for Chinese Taipei.

To promote hockey and spread the love for the game, the tournament games held from 9 to 11 December will be broadcasted live on the Chinese Taipei Hockey Association Youtube Channel. So, please do not miss the opportunity to watch some quality hockey from the National Chung-Cheng Cup Hockey Tournament.

Obviously under the continuous threat of the pandemic, participants are required to comply with precautionary measures, including taking temperatures checks, handing in health declaration forms and using hand sanitizers.

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