First Day Concluded – Women’s Junior AHF Cup 2022

The second match of the day was to be played between Chinese Taipei vs Uzbekistan.


The historical team wanted to show its hierarchy especially in the first match of the tournament. In the 4th minute of the match LAI Ya-Han #9 of the red team put her team in the lead.

The red team tried to attack in every play while the white team defended every one of those balls. It was not until the 37th minute that WANG Yu-Chiu managed to score the second goal to give her team more peace of mind.

By the last quarter, CHANG Chun-Hsiu’s team was more solid in their shots and managed to score two more goals by HUANG Yi-Chun to make it 4-0.

One minute before the end of the match, MUTALAPOVA Liliya’s team managed to get a penalty corner for KHUJAEVA Madinabonu to score the first and only goal for the blue and white team. The match ended 4-1 with a victory for Chinese Taipei, which is promising in this new edition of the Women’s Junior AHF Cup 2022.

Chinese Taipei will play their next match tomorrow against Tajikistan, while Uzbekistan will play against Hong Kong China.

The best player of the match was Chinese Taipei’s captain, KU Chen-Yi #5.

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