The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) played a crucial role in this scoreless drawn match between Egypt and pre-tournament favourite and defending champions, Korea, in the 29th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2022 International Men’s hockey tournament at the Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium, Ipoh, this evening.

While Egypt’s Pakistani coach Zaman Tahir claimed that it was a right decision by the VAR and it was their right to request for the counter VAR after the first VAR request by Korea as them awarded the field goal by Kim Junhoo in 29th minute.

After umpire Javaid Sheikh from India has disallowed the field goal and VAR request Korea was successful for a goal, the Egyptian players surrounded Malaysia umpire S. Gobinath in their own half for a review of the earlier VAR decision and this time the goal was disallowed.

Korea even pushed up their captain Lee Nam young to lead the attack in the last ten minutes, but Egypt held well especially their goalkeeper Sayed Mohamed Gamal Mohamed being a pillar to the team with his numerous crucial saves.


EGYPT COACH: Zaman Tahir

“Korea is a very good team and one cannot deny that we did well against them. We maybe a low ranked team, but we did well against a formidable Korean team.

“We are a young learning team and this result is indeed good for us and I am very pleased with the team.

“As for the VAR decision, it was a right decision and I cannot understand why the the goal was awarded in the first place.”

KOREA COACH: Shin Seok Kyo

“It was a difficult game for us because the players were tired and we had a couple of injuries.

“At least we did not lose the game. We have 7 points from three games and I believe another 4 from our remaining two matches (Pakistan and  South Africa)

“My problem is that whether I will enough players on the bench because of injury for our remaining two matches.”

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