Four Enthralling Women’s Matches Took Place on the Opening Day of the Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022


Women’s Indoor Asia Cup 2022 – Day 1

The long-awaited Indoor Asia Cup has started in Bangkok, Thailand. With 9 teams in the women’s section and 7 teams in the men’s section, the tournament that will take some of these teams to the next world cup.

Iran 1 vs Indonesia 3 (Pool A)

The first match of the day was between Iran vs Indonesia (Pool A) a match that promised to be the first of the tournament for both men and women so there were elevated expectations. The Indoor Stadium Huamark had a small crowd, but the vibe was high as it was about to start the tournament so awaited by the most important Indoor teams of the Asian continent.

The match ended 3-1 with the victory for the team in white, the team led by RAJ Dhaarma started losing in the second quarter with a penalty corner goal by MIRZAEI Nasim, which gave hope to his team, but only 4 minutes later PURBASARI Citra would score the equalizer. In the last 10 minutes of the match, the number 6 scored again to put her team ahead, while the team led by AHMADI Zeinab did not give up. They had some chances, but Indoor field hockey is so dynamic that you cannot rest for a second. The match was sealed by EL ISLAMY Annur from a penalty corner with the time already expired to sign the victory of her team.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly number 6 PURBASARI Citra, who scored the 2 goals that turned the match around. Iran will play on August 10 against the powerful Kazakhstan, while Indonesia will play tomorrow August 9 against Chinese Taipei.


Chinese Taipei 7 vs Pakistan 0 (Pool A)

The second match of the day was between Chinese Taipei and Pakistan. The team coached by CHIANG Ta-Wei already has a few participations in this tournament, while Pakistan is making its first appearance in an Indoor Asia Cup.

Although the difference between the two teams was seen from the beginning, the green and white tried to play orderly and gain experience for the rest of the tournament being this their first match in this competition.

The blue and red started winning from the first minute of the game with a goal by PU Agustin-Linmey. Unable to get up from that goal, in the second minute CHEN Ting-Chun converted again and thus the team led by AHMED Naeem went up for the second goal in the second minute of play.

While the green and white had their chances, Chinese Taipei’s goals kept coming and that’s how KU Chen-Yi converted two goals, the last one to put her team 5-0 ahead. In the 36th minute, number 8 CHEN Ting-Chun scored the second goal of the match and CAI Xin-Xin, the 21-year-old player scored the final goal to make the final score 7-0.

The best player of the match was KU Chen-Yi, number 5 who scored 2 goals in this match.

Chinese Taipei will play against Indonesia tomorrow August 9, while Pakistan will play against Kazakhstan for Pool A.


Malaysia 14 vs Cambodia 1 (Pool B)

In the third match of the day, Malaysia vs Cambodia. A historic of this tournament and a winner of this tournament as is Malaysia did not and will not have mercy with any of its opponents is why the first match of the tournament was won by 14 goals to 1. Cambodia adds with this its third participation, having been in the Indoor Asia Cup in 2012 and 2015 achieving the 7th and 5th place respectively. Malaysia is playing its 7th Indoor Asia Cup, having won first place once, second place twice and third place twice in the past.

This time they want to go for it all and that is why in the first minute of play YAACOB Nur Aisyah scored the first goal of the match, and then fell into a cataract of goals in favor of the team led by DIN Juliani. There were goals in all halves of the game where the girls in yellow were able to control the game all the time thus converting 13 more goals. The players who scored were SHABUDDIN Norsharina, NOR Putri, HALIMI Qasidah, SYLVESTER Fazilla, RASHID Nuraini for the girls in yellow. While the red team’s goal was scored by SORPHORN SENG.

Malaysia started the tournament showing its power and Cambodia wants to prove that it can have international level and make interesting matches in this cup.

The best player of the match was number 2 RASHID Nuraini who scored 4 goals in the match of the day.

Malaysia will face Thailand on August 10, while Cambodia will play against Singapore tomorrow August 9 for Pool B.

Thailand 8 vs Singapore (Pool B)

The last match of the day was between another historic player of this tournament and none other than the host of this new Indoor Asia Cup.

Thailand accumulates its seventh participation in this tournament, with a long road travelled, arrived at this first match with high expectations. While their opponent makes his second appearance in this tournament, having finished eighth in 2019.

Although the difference in the level of indoor field hockey between these two countries is great, both came out to the field hungry to convert first to achieve an advantage for their team.

Thus, in the sixth minute of the match, TODKAEW Jiratchaya scored the first goal for her team from a penalty corner very well executed. The girls in red also celebrated in the 14th minute of the match (second half) when ONGARDNARONG Sirikorn scored the second goal of the match to make it 2-0.

The girls in blue were trying to set up their game and move forward with an idea, but the experienced team led by SAFAEI Esfandyar did not allow any ball to enter their danger zone. Thailand never let off the gas and scored six more goals during the match showing superiority over their opponent. The goals were scored by JOMJAN Priyakorn, ONGARDNARONG Sirikorn (second goal), DUANGWAO Wilawan and TODKAEW Jiratchaya also his second goal.

Thailand sentenced the match and took strength for what will be their second match against Malaysia on August 10, a match that promises a good show. Singapore will play against Cambodia in their second Pool B match.

The best player of the match was number 5 TODKAEW Jiratchaya who scored two goals in today’s match.


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