Hero Asia Cup 2022 – Final Standings, Tournament Awards and AHF Athletes Ambassador Appointments


Hero Asia Cup Jakarta 2022 concluded on 1 June 2022.


Final Tournament Standings:

Final Tournament Standings are as follows:

  1. Korea
  2. Malaysia
  3. India
  4. Japan
  5. Pakistan
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Oman
  8. Indonesia


Hero Asia Cup 2022 Tournament Awards

Hero Asia Cup 2022 Tournament Awardees were as follows:

  1. Hero Top scorer of the Tournament was Razie Rahim of Malaysia who scored 13 goals;
  2. Hero Rising Star of the Tournament India’s Uttam Singh;
  3. Hero Best Player of the Tournament was awarded to Jang Jonghyun of Korea for his outclass performance in the tournament;
  4. OBO Promising Goal Keeper of the Tournament was awarded to Akmal Hussain of Pakistan;
  5. OBO Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament was awarded to Takashi Yoshikawa of Japan.


AHF Athletes Ambassador

Moreover, Asian Hockey Federation made special AHF Athletes Ambassador appointments. The appointees were:

  1. SV Sunil of India
  2. Razie Rahim of Malaysia
  3. Mubashar Ali of Pakistan
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