Hi-tech high performance and training center for hockey athletes inaugurated in Kakamigahara, Japan


The inauguration ceremony for a fully furnished and hi-tech high performance and hockey training center in Gifu, Kakamigahara, Japan took place recently.

The hockey training center features a state of the art gymnasium, clean and sleek bathrooms with bathing facilities for athletes, and conference rooms.

The new high performance and training center, which is an installation of global standard with state-of-the-art facilities, is a superb culmination of many years of hard work and investment and a marvelous achievement and stepping stone for a bright future for hockey in Japan.

The Hockey community is thankful to Governor Gifu Prefecture, Mr. Furuta Hajime for his full support for the project and for seeing it through to the end. Furthermore, this amazing feat could not have been possible without the Kakamigahara Mayor Asano Kenji, and the hockey community is also thankful towards Mr. Yokoyama Hide, Vice President, Asian Hockey Federation, without whose effort this would have never come to fruition.

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