Hockey Activities in Andijan made possible by Polytan!



At the Uzbekistan Andijan Hockey Stadium at Andijan, different activities take place regularly, from friendly matches to hockey centred campaigns. This is all made possible by Polytan who, in collaboration with the AHF provided the pitch for the stadium in Andijan, Uzbekistan.

Recently, a delegation from Pakistan of the Education Board and their hockey team arrived in Uzbekistan. Friendly matches were held under the Andijan region’s Sports and Athletics Institute at the Uzbekistan Andijan Hockey Stadium as mentioned below:

11 Sep 2021: match with Andijan sports school, Pakistan won 2:1

12 Sep 2021: match with Andijan region team, Andijan won 4:3

These types of friendly matches and gatherings are only possible due to Polytan’s contributions to hockey in Asia and through their great work for hockey hand-in-hand with the Asian Hockey Federation.


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