Hockey Pod Episode 6 – Delfina Merino is excited about the Olympic Flame’s Beautiful 121-Day Journey



The International Hockey Federation released today the 6th episode of Hockey Pod. On this occasion, Argentina star and co-host 2017 FIH Player of the Year Delfina Merino expressed her excitement about following the Olympic flame on its 121-day journey across all of Japan’s 47 prefectures, and how she keeps track of its progress on social media. “I love to see how the flame goes hand-by-hand”, said Merino, who is set to compete in her third Olympic Games following London 2012, where she won silver, and Rio 2016. “I see [the posts] in social media and I’m like, ‘I like this’, ‘I like this’, ‘I like this’! The flame itself is hope; it is showing us that it [the Olympic Games] is going to happen, that it is really near. It’s kind of emotional as well.”

Also, Chilean player and mother-to-be Camila Caram tells about her future plans and from South Africa, Sharne Mayers chats about her fascinating sporting life.

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