Hong Kong China claim the victory over Indonesia



The second match of the day was between Hong Kong China and Indonesia, playing the 1st in the standings against the 4th in this Women’s Asian Games Qualifier 2022.

The women coached by Arifali did not lose any of the matches they played in this tournament, while Indonesia had two lost matches, one draw and one win, this is their third defeat.

During the first two quarters, Indonesia had much more control of the ball, demanding Hong Kong China to defend as they had many scoring opportunities but none of them were successful.

On the other hand, HKC with the hierarchy that it had and has in this tournament, knew how to solve it and keep the result until half time, so that in the third quarter, more precisely in the 31st minute, MOUNTAIN Katherine gave her team peace of mind by scoring the first goal of the match with a penalty stroke, which gave some breathing space to the team led by the great leader of this team CHEUNG Evelyn.

Indonesia did not stay back and tried to attack from the sides, reaching the area, but without luck when it came to convert. The match was back and forth, the girls in green wanted to go for the result, while the girls in red tried to defend properly and take advantage of the opportunities in the opponent’s area.

In the 47th minute LAU Pui Sze took the ball on the side; in an individual play she entered the area and almost without angle put the ball in the far post of the goalkeeper who had no chance to save it.

Although the team coached by RAJ Dhaarma had a lot of attitudes when they wanted to go for the result, they generated some situations that could have discounted for the green team, but they could not beat the HKC defense and goalkeeper.

With 3 seconds left for the match to end, with the Indonesian defense distracted and already resigned to the end of the match, HKC found player #15 LEE Ming Wai alone in the box, where she had time to receive the ball and shoot a backhand sweep that gave the final 3-0 for her team.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly No. 14 Pui Sze Lau who scored an incredible goal in today’s match to help her team’s last match win.

Indonesia will play against Cambodia on June 14 to close their participation and confirm their qualification to the Asian Games, while Hong Kong China reaffirms their first place in this tournament (already qualified for the Asian Games) will play their last match against Singapore tomorrow June 13.

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