Indian Sub Junior Men and Women Teams aim to excel in their maiden international tours as they gear up for exciting clashes in the Netherlands


The tour is scheduled to take place from 13th October to 16th October~

 Indian Sub Junior Men and Women Teams are all geared up for the exhilarating clashes in the Netherlands, where they will face off against teams of varying age groups from 13th October to 16th October. Both Teams will kick off their maiden tour against Senior EDE Men’s and Women’s Teams late Friday night.

This tour not only promises to be a spectacular showcase of budding talent, but it’s also a momentous chapter in the story of Indian hockey as both Sub Junior Teams will make their debut on the international hockey scene, underlining the rising prominence of Indian grassroots hockey and its ascent on the global stage.

In a series of thrilling encounters, the Indian Sub Junior Men’s Team will square off against the Netherlands Boys U18 once and the Netherlands Boys U16 twice. Meanwhile, the Indian Sub Junior Women’s Team will engage in fierce battles against the Netherlands Girls U18 once and the Netherlands Girls U16 twice.

Moreover, during this tour, both the Indian Sub Junior Men and Women’s Teams will test their mettle against senior club teams in the Netherlands, adding another layer of excitement to this tour.

The leadership for these young Indian talents is in capable hands, with Manmeet Singh Rai serving as the Captain of the Indian Sub Junior Men’s Team and Aashu Maurya as the Vice Captain. For the Indian Sub Junior Women’s Team, Bhavya takes the helm as the Captain, while Rajni Kerketta has been named as the Vice Captain.

The excitement is palpable as the coaches of both teams share their thoughts on this monumental tour.

Former Indian Men’s Hockey Team Captain Sardar Singh, who is currently serving as the Coach of the Sub Junior Men’s Team, stated, “This tour is a remarkable milestone in our young players’ journey. It’s a unique opportunity for them to test their mettle on the international stage. The challenges they face in the Netherlands will be valuable lessons that will shape their growth as they progress towards becoming future stars in Indian hockey. These matches are the stepping stones to even greater challenges, and I am confident that my team will rise to the occasion.”

Additionally, Rani, the former Captain of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team and now the coach of the Sub Junior Women’s Team, emphasized, “This tour is a golden chance for our girls to measure their skills against international competition and they are excited about it. The upcoming matches will be a great learning for the team as it will help them assess their strengths and areas for improvement. The experiences gained here will shape them for the larger challenges that lie ahead, helping them grow into the champions we know they can become.”

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