Indonesia Women draw the match with Kazakhstan while Indonesia Men sweep the board against Host Thailand


Indonesia Women draw the match with Kazakhstan while Indonesia Men sweep the board against Host Thailand


Women M16

Kazakhstan (2) vs. Indonesia (2)

Thrilling match between Kazakhstan and Indonesia took place on fifth day of Indoor Asia Cup Bangkok 2022. The top two teams in Pool A.

Both teams played well and tried to score the goal in first quarter but could not succeeded. And first Quarter of the match end without any goal.

In the beginning of second quarter AULIA RAHMA Dwi with shirt number 4 of Indonesia scored a goal against Kazakhstan at 13th minute of the match. After 2 minutes Kazakhstan’s BISSIROVA Alina with the shirt number 5 level the game through plenty corner. At the end of the second quarter score was 1-1.

In third quarter SUGIARTI Nuraini from Indonesia wearing shit number 10 scored outstanding Field goal to get the lead from Kazakhstan. So at the end of the third quarter score was 2-1.

In the fourth quarter BEISENBAY Balzhan from Kazakhstan with the shirt number 19 scored goal at 34th minute of the match and again level the match by 2-2.

Both team played extremely well and draw the match by 2 goals for each team.

The Player of the Match:

AULIA Rahma Dw

Shirt 4

Country Indonesia



Men M15

Thailand (3) vs. Indonesia (8)

In the first quarter at 6th minute PRILIANDRO Revo with shirt number 13 of Indonesia scored a field goal. Then again ALFIANA Muhamad scored another field goal at 9th minute of the match wearing 16 number shirt of Indonesia against host Thailand.

In second Quarter ASASI Ahdan of Indonesia wearing shirt number 11 superbly score another goal to extend the lead of Indonesia against Thailand. At 18th minute of the match SORI Kittithat with Thai shirt 10 scored goal to remain In the game but 2 minutes later  ALFIANA Muhamad scored another field goal from Indonesia to make the score 4 from Indonesia and 1 from Thailand.

In third quarter SORI Kittithat scored his second goal against Indonesia at 24th minute of the match. Indonesia PRAWESTI Candra scored another brilliant goal from Indonesia tomaintain the lead of 5 goal over 2 goal from host Thailand.

Beginning of the fourth quarter was marvelous because 2 goals scored by FIRDAUS Muhammad and captain SANTOSO Prima with shirt number 8 and 10 of Indonesian team respectively at the same 31st minute of the match. At 32nd minute of the match one more goal scored by captain SANTOSO Prima with plenty corner. Thailand team tried and succeed to score the goal by A-NUKOON Warawut  having shirt number 8 from Thailand at 35th minute of the match.

Indonesian Team won the match by scoring 8 goals over 3 Thai goals.

The Player of the Match:


Shirt 10

Country Indonesia

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