Indoor Hockey Forum – Review of the Day


The unique initiative by the AHF of the Indoor Hockey Forum was a huge success today.

The Indoor Hockey Forum saw an attendance of 100+ participants hailing from 20+ countries. The huge number of participants were very receptive to the information being disseminated to them, and participation rates were very high in the forum. The forum saw a healthy exchange of information and opinions between the hosts and the participants.

The AHF Online Indoor Hockey Forum aimed at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of Coaching, Umpiring, and Event Hosting with respect to organizing Indoor Hockey events. The forum was curated with an aim at initiating discussions among the coaches, umpires & event organizers about Indoor Hockey across the continent.  The discussion also touched upon the upcoming trend of Indoor Hockey being picked up worldwide and the basic difference between field hockey & Indoor Hockey events.

Dato Tayyab Ikram, Chief Executive, Asian Hockey Federation (AHF), and Chairman FIH Development and Education Committee commented on the occasion, “We were honored to organize the AHF Online Indoor Hockey Forum for Hockey Coaches, Umpires and Staff across the continent. If a country has top-notch Coaches, Umpires, and experienced event organizers, then the sport of hockey will grow at a rapid pace. It’s very important for the players to have the best of support and therefore we were delighted to organize a forum discussion to delve into the important aspects of Coaching, Umpiring, and event hosting.”

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