IOC President Thomas Bach oversees FIH pledge for “give back to forest” tree-planting project

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) will plant thousands of trees all around the world as part of an ambitious global sustainability programme entitled "give back to forest"


The FIH initiative was announced at Olympic House in Lausanne by the governing body’s President Tayyab Ikram, with IOC President Thomas Bach in attendance.

Explaining the idea behind the scheme the FIH said: “Since hockey was played with wooden sticks {for} decades, the hockey community should compensate for the trees cut for the production of these sticks by planting new trees.

“A first project will be launched in India, with the Government of Tamil Nadu State committing to planting over 100,000 trees.”

As part of its engagement for a more sustainable sport and society, FIH recently joined the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change “Sports for Climate Action Framework”.

“Contributing to a better planet, and especially protecting the environment, is a fundamental part of our empowerment and engagement strategy,” Ikram said.

“’Give back to forest’ directly results from that vision.

“I would like to wholeheartedly thank the Government of Tamil Nadu for their massive contribution and I invite all hockey members around the world to contribute to this programme too.

“Together, we can make a difference!

“On behalf of FIH and in my personal name, I’d like to express our deep gratitude to IOC President Thomas Bach for his support to this project.”

Bach added: “The International Hockey Federation’s ‘Give Back to Forest’ programme is a really impressive way for the federation to make a contribution to fighting climate change which relates directly to their sport.

“I also applaud the FIH for signing up to the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework and urge others to follow their lead.

“Together sport can make a positive contribution to address the challenges of climate change which affects us all.”

Courtesy: Inside the Games

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