Japan Edges Past China in a Nail-Biting Semi-Final at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022


In an electrifying semi-final match at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Men’s Hockey Competition, Japan emerged victorious over China with a closely contested 3-2 scoreline. Both teams displayed exemplary skill and tenacity throughout the match, providing a spellbinding experience for hockey fans across the continent.

The game unfolded without a hitch with Japan demonstrating their proficiency early in the game. Despite the pressing efforts from the Chinese team, it was Japan’s NAGAYOSHI Ken who broke the deadlock in the 29th minute through a well-executed penalty corner, establishing a 1-0 lead as the teams headed into the break.

Japan continued to ride on the momentum with FUJISHIMA Raiki doubling the lead in the 42nd minute, once again, capitalizing on a penalty corner. This set the stage for an exhilarating second half where every possession and entry into the circle seemed to pulse with potential.

Undeterred by the deficit, China bounced back with a spirit unbeknownst to their opponents. LIN Changliang lit the beacon of hope for China by scoring a field goal in the 47th minute, closing the gap to 2-1 and rejuvenating the Chinese spirits.

The action didn’t stop there. Japan’s OOKA Ryoma furthered their lead with a field goal in the 48th minute, making it 3-1 and ostensibly securing Japan’s place in the final. However, China was not ready to abdicate just yet.

The tension reached its peak in the 59th minute when GAO Jiesheng converted a penalty corner for China, making it a nervy 3-2 and keeping the dreams of a comeback alive.

Despite China’s relentless pressure and their impressive 13 penalty corners compared to Japan’s 3, Japan managed to stave off their comeback, holding onto their narrow lead until the final whistle. The defense and strategic play showcased by Japan, particularly in the final quarter, were instrumental in their triumph.
Japan now progresses to the final with hearts swelling with anticipation and eyes set on the prestigious gold medal. China, whilst unable to proceed to the final, exhibited commendable performance and sportsmanship, promising a formidable presence in future competitions.

The match was not only a testament to the athletes’ skill on the field but also their unwavering resolve and spirit, demonstrating why hockey is celebrated for its unpredictability and sheer excitement.

Congratulations to the Japanese team, coached by TAKAHASHI Akira, and salute to the Chinese team under the leadership of WENG Haiqin for providing such an unforgettable and enthralling semi-final. Fans and supporters will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting the final and bronze medal matches, hoping for more of such riveting performances on the hockey field.

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