Japan held Test Series to prepare for Olympics 2020 and Junior Asia Cup


Japan held a test series to prepare for Olympics 2020 and Junior Asia Cup. Japan’s senior hockey team and junior hockey team competed in this 5 matches’ series.

Head Coach of Japan Hockey team Siegfried Aikman said about conducting these matches, “these matches are very important for Japan because it gives us the opportunity to try strategies and to improve our future Samurai Japan players. It is a great opportunity for the Japanese junior team to prepare themselves for the Junior Asia Cup where we hope that they will qualify for the Junior World Cup.” He added,

“Samurai Japan also showed their respect for the people in eastern Japan who suffered from the Earthquake and the following Tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011. For all of us a special moment because we all experienced the earthquake but fortunately not the Tsunami and the Nuclear disaster.”

As a major outcome, the test series promises a bright future for junior players. It also served as a gesture of hope and goodwill for the people of Eastern Japan.



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