Japan, Shiga Jr. Youth “Dreaming Junior Hockey Class (10/20, 2nd)” was held



Shiga Jr. Youth (30 people) attended the session at Ibuki 1st Ground, Maibara City on October 20th (Wednesday). Mr Shigi Ikuman (Head Coach of Japan National Team of Samurai Japan) and Tomohiro Nakajo (Analyst of Japan National Team of Samurai Japan) delivered the training. Japan Hockey Association successfully held a “Dreaming Junior Hockey Class”.


event name Dreaming Junior Hockey Class in Shiga Jr Youth
due date Wednesday, October 20, 2021
venue Maibara City Ibuki 1st Ground
Participating groups Shiga Jr Youth 6th grade to 3rd grade of junior high school (30 participants in total)
Teacher ・ Shigi Ikuman (Head Coach of Japan National Team, Samurai Japan)
・ Tomohiro Nakajo (Analyst of Japan National Team, Samurai Japan)
Schedule and contents 19: 30-21: 00

§  Easy group pass (butterfly) + basic skill (push, trap, short hand hit)

§  Circuit (4th basic skill)

§  3 to 2, 6 to 5 (2 touches)


Held the second hockey class at Ibuki 1 Ground, Maibara City. The activity mainly consisted of the previous review. For players who had forgotten the details in the previous class, could ask questions and see actual play. They were provided with practice, and coaching opportunity.

Finally, the coaches repeatedly checked the basic skills taught (traps and shafts, push left hand, hit face and right knee check, etc.) during normal training.

After finishing this project, Japan Hockey Association conducted hockey training at the Ibuki 1st Ground, Maibara City. When the Olympic head coach visited the place for coaching, the concentration and interest of the athletes was overflowing.

The objective these sessions says, athletes and staff who will participate in the Olympic Games will continue to actively participate in the junior field, and that future children will have more opportunities to enjoy the “fun” of coming to the hockey field.


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