“Japanese Juggernauts Overwhelm Singapore in Men’s Hockey at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022”


In a spectacular demonstration of skill and team coordination, Japan clinched a jaw-dropping victory over Singapore with a scoreline of 14-0, in the Men’s Hockey competition during the ongoing Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

The fierce competition witnessed in Pool A was a testament to Japan’s preparedness and tactical superiority over Singapore, who struggled to keep pace with the relentless assaults carried out by the Japanese squad.

The match commenced with Japan rapidly asserting their dominance on the field. Just four minutes into the game, OOKA Ryoma fired a field goal that inaugurated a scoring spree for Japan. This early goal established the tone for the rest of the match. Subsequently, NAGAYOSHI Ken and FUJISHIMA Raiki capitalized on penalty corners at the 6th and 10th minute, pushing the score to 3-0.

OOKA Ryoma once again proved his mettle with another field goal in the 13th minute, which was quickly followed by a goal from KATO Ryosei, taking the score to 5-0 by the end of the first quarter. The Japanese scoring machine continued its relentless pace, with NIWA Takuma and TANAKA Seren adding two more goals before the halftime whistle.

As the match proceeded into the second half, Japan showed no signs of letting up. KATO Ryosei, who was in spectacular form, added two more to his tally, and OOKA Ryoma completed his hat-trick with a field goal in the 42nd minute.

Singaporean defense was in disarray, and Japan exploited every opening, with goals flying in from FUKUDA Kentaro, KAWABE Kosei, and MITANI Genki. By the time FUKUDA Kentaro netted his second goal in the 58th minute, the scoreline had soared to an astonishing 14-0.

The statistics were a clear indicator of Japan’s dominating performance, earning an overwhelming 15 penalty corners compared to Singapore’s none. Though possession statistics were not available, the game clearly was played largely in Singapore’s half.

This humbling defeat for Singapore reflected the immense gap in skill and strategy between the two sides, highlighting Japan’s strong contention for the gold in this year’s competition. Japan’s teamwork, precision and aggressive gameplay not only thrilled the audience but also sent a strong message to their upcoming opponents in the tournament.

Coach TAKAHASHI Akira and Manager WATANABE Hiroki’s meticulous planning and strategy paid off, positioning Japan as a formidable force in the competition. On the other hand, Singapore’s Coach VIJAYAN Krishnan and Manager REGE Suresh will undoubtedly be heading back to the drawing board to analyze the shortcomings and to prepare for their forthcoming matches.

This memorable match at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 was not just a win for Japan, but a spectacle of superior hockey that left fans and players in awe.

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