Jung Hee Shin & Kim Myeonsung appointed as vice-presidents of Korea Hockey Association

The Asian Hockey Federation Congratulates the Appointees


The Korea Hockey Association has newly appointed two illustrious members as Vice Presidents of the organization. The AHF would like to congratulate Ms. Jung Hee Shin and Mr. Kim Myeonsung on their newly appointed roles!

This is truly a moment of pride for the Korean Hockey Association to have such talented and dedicated individuals at the helm of their affairs. This bodes well for not only Hockey in Korea, but also for Hockey in Asia at large.

We would like to briefly present the profiles of both of the esteemed individuals in a humble attempt to do justice to the services they have performed over the years in the field of Asian Hockey.

Ms. Shin is among the most significant individuals for the development of Korean Hockey, and she is one of the longest serving members of the Asian Hockey Federation. She has top credentials and massive contribution to hockey and hockey community to support her success.

She is currently among the longest serving Vice Presidents of the Asian Hockey Federation and the Chairman of the AHF Women in Sports Committee as well. Currently the most important positions she holds to her name include Membership of the Board of Directors of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, Vice Presidency of Gyeonggi-Do Sports Council, Presidency of Korean Women’s Sports Research Association, Standing Advisory to Korean Association of National Team Members, Vice Chair of World Children Sport Committee, Vice Chair of Korea Sport Industry Association and Female Chair of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical, Education, Recreation and Dance.

Among her very impressive current positions, it is important to highlight, she has extremely valuable experience which includes her position as the Panel Member of FIH Committee & Panel, such as; Coach & Development, Rule Board and, International & Olympic Relations. Her vast experience also includes her service as an Olympic Technical Official in Seoul 1988, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and London 2012. She was also a Member of Board of Directors of the Asian Hockey Federation, and she also served as the Chair of AHF Umpire Committee and Member of Coaching & Development Committee. She has also served as a technical official in an astounding 10 Asian Games.

Mr. Kim Myeonsung, has devoted all his life and resources for the good of Korean and Asian Hockey. He has worked tirelessly in his aim for excelling the Korean Hockey Team at the International Level. His work behind the scenes has made him an integral part for this Golden Era in Korean and Asian Hockey.

His guidance, work and devotion for the Korean Hockey has played a vital role for the rise of the Korean Men’s and Women’s team internationally.

Mr. Kim has significantly helped develop hockey in Korea. With great dedication, enthusiasm and love for hockey Mr. Kim is continuing to work actively and closely, with the Asian Hockey Federation, for the advancement of hockey in Asia. With his passion for hockey, he has organized several development activities within Korea and also in the developing Nations of Asia.

Mr. Kim has worked diligently for Career Development of Hockey Athletes, providing career opportunities to retired Korean hockey athletes. In Korea, he has offered his services focusing the athletes’ welfare and helping athletes in Korean Hockey. His close work with the athletes and the authorities has brought about a significant improvement and development in hockey athletes in Korea.

He made a great contribution to enhance Gender Equality and produce equal opportunities for hockey athletes in Korea, while also ensuring gender balance.

Mr. Kim has also made special effort and contribution for the development of school hockey and grassroot level hockey, promoting young athletes. He has also been awarded locally for his outstanding contribution and efforts for the development of hockey on school level.

Mr. Kim’s efforts and great dedication facilitated in delivering the 2002 Busan Asian Games successfully, these Asian Games were hosted in his home city of Busan, in which he played an unparalleled role. Mr. Kim proved to be extremely valuable for the successful delivery of Women Asian Champions Trophy in 2018, and he was influential for Korea to win the hosting rights for the Women Asian Champions Trophy, that is scheduled for 2021.

It would be apt to mention some of the key positions Mr. Kim holds who is a leading figure in Korean Hockey and Asian Hockey Federation. He is currently the Executive Board Member of Asian Hockey Federation, Chairman of Asian Hockey Federation Governance Panel, Member AHF Development & Engagement Committee of East Asia Region and a member of the AHF Finance Committee. He has served as the Vice President of the Korean Hockey Association. He also holds the position of a senior member at his local hockey club Busan 355-A Lions Clubs.

With two such power houses of Asian Hockey at it’s helm, there is a bright future for Hockey in Korea indeed!

We would also like to thank Mr. Park, Shin Heum on his integral role on supporting the Asian Hockey Federation and for the promotion of Hockey in Korea. Korea Hockey is an integral part of our events and education & development activities and Mr. Park has ensured smooth delivery in all projects. Certainly Mr. Park’s dedication and hard work will help Korean Hockey to reach greater heights.



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