Kazakhstan beats Cambodia by 9-0



First match of day number 4 at GBK Sports Complex in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kazakhstan came from winning their last two games with an overwhelming power over their rivals and today was no exception, Cambodia on the other hand failed to score any points so far, coming from another 2 defeats in the first days of the tournament.

The match was tilted from the beginning to the side of the team coached by Nurzhan Beibitov, scoring the first 2 goals in the first minutes of the game, scored by MAKHANOVA Aigerim and LYAPINA Viktoriya. In the 15th and 18th minutes they scored two more goals by BOLGANBAYEVA Karlygash and LYAPINA Viktoriya. 3 minutes after the last goal

With this advantage the Kazakh team controlled the match to their liking, trying to minimize the damage of their superior opponents. BERDENOVA Sabina scored the fifth goal for her team’s victory.

Cambodia’s defense tried to limit their opponent’s access to the circle, but they could not control the yellow machine that did not stop attacking with hunger for more goals.

That is why in the 36th and 38th minutes of the match IZBASSAROVA Gulsina and LOBANOVA Viktoriya further widened the gap by scoring two more goals.

The match was practically centered on Kazakhstan attacking and Cambodia trying to neutralize those attacks and take advantage of any counterattack that might arise. This was not enough so that in the last quarter of the match, more exactly in the 52nd and 55th minutes, UTIGENOVA Elvira and IZBASSAROVA Gulsina (the latter converting her second goal) gave the final closure to put the 9-0 that sentenced Cambodia and gave the 3 points to the team led by BAKHAVADDIN Guzal.

The best player of the match was LYAPINA Viktoriya who scored two goals to help her team get the 3 points.

Kazakhstan will play against Hong Kong China (who is first in the standings), a promising duel. While Cambodia will see if they have better luck in the match against Singapore, both matches tomorrow, June 10.

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