Kazakhstan celebrates Olympic Day with a Youth Hockey Festival

Danish Yazdani

Kazakhstan celebrated the Olympic Day with great enthusiasm with a Youth Hockey Festival which took place in all major cities of Kazakhstan. Competitions between young athletes took place in Taldykorgan, Kizlarda, Oral, and Almata.

The participants were drawn from local school teams as well as national clubs. Everyone had a great time playing hockey in the sun.

The head of the regional national association, Mr. Mahmoud, was present at the event. He was accompanied by Mr. Sultan Kubladin, Ms. Elena and the Secretary-General Mr. Serik Kalimbaev.

The event was organized successfully by the Kazakhstan Hockey Federation.

All participants were acknowledged with the handing out of participation certificates at the conclusion of the event.

The AHF is proud to see the young generation of Kazakhstan show such passion for the sport of hockey and hopes this zeal only grows as they grow older as they are the future of the sport. The AHF would like to commend the Kazakhstan Hockey Federation on a job well done!

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