Kazakhstan holds an indoor Men’s, Women’s & Youth championship

Danish Yazdani

The National Indoor Championship was recently held in March 2019 in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. The venue for the championship was the Indoor Hockey Arena in Taldykorgan. The championship saw participation by a total of 8 Men’s teams, 6 Women’s teams, and 6 teams each for boys & girls for the Youth section.

It was a largely successful event organized by the Regional Hockey Association of Taldykorgan, with the Director of the Tournament being Mr. Orman Mahmood. His efforts proved instrumental in the smooth running of the tournament. They were aided by Kazakhstan Hockey Federation headed by their Secretary General Mr. Serik Kalimbaev. Hats off to both organizing parties for holding a successful tournament on a relatively large scale in Kazakhstan.

Currently, the first round of the tournament was played in March. The second round is set to be held in September this year. The standings for the tournament were:


  1. Taldykorgan
  2. Kyzlorda
  3. Al Maty


  1. Taldykorgan
  2. Kyzlorda
  3. Taraz
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