Kazakhstan Men and Host Thailand Women achieved impressive victories in the last 2 Matches of Indoor Asia Cup’s fourth Day !



Kazakhstan Men and Host Thailand Women achieved impressive victories in the last 2 Matches of Indoor Asia Cup’s fourth Day !


Men M12

Kazakhstan (6) vs. Thailand (3)

One more interesting match Played in between Kazakhstan and Thailand on the fourth day of Indoor Asia Cup 2022.

In the first quarter at 4th minute of match URMANOV Daulet shirt number 1 and captain of Kazakhstan Men Team scored first goal against Thailand. Then at 10th minute of the match DUISENGAZY Agymtay with shirt number 3 splendidly hit the post to take the lead with 2-0 for Kazakhstan by the end of 1st quarter.

In Second Quarter DUISENGAZY Agymtay again scored a field goal at 19th minutes of the match and lead become 3-0 for Kazakhstan Men team.

In third Quarter Thai shirt number 6 KETSAWAD Nichanon scored couple of goals at the 25th minute of match and tried to balance scoreboard a bit but YELUBAYEV Aman wearing shirt number 15 get a point for Kazakhstan team again at 30th min to make the turn the scoreboard into 4-2.

In the last Quarter bombarded two goals against Thailand from DYUSSEBEKOV Yerkebulan wearing Kazakhstan shirt number 20 at 32nd and 34th minute of the match. Last Goal of the match scored by SORI Kittithat of Thailand wearing shirt number 10. And this way an exciting match ends with 6-3. Kazakhstan men team also became at the top of the Pool standing by winning 3 match out of 4 played and having 10 points.

The Player of the Match:


Shirt 32

Country Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan will play the next match with Iran on Saturday 13 August 2022. While Thailand will have their match with Indonesia tomorrow.


Women M13

Thailand () vs. Cambodia ()

Last match for the fourth day of Indoor Asia Cup 2022 was in between Thailand and Cambodia.

In first quarter TODKAEW Jiratchaya Thai shirt number 5 succeeded to score 2 field goals at 8th and 9th minute of the match. Another field goal was scored by SAKULPITHAK Tikhamporn of Thailand with shirt number 7 at 10th minute of the match to take the lead for Thailand by 3-0.

In the end of second quarter PATHUMPAIROT Chatchanan wearing 11 number Thailand shirt scored an amazingly goal against Cambodia at 20th minute of the match and extend the lead of the match with 4-0.

In third quarter of the match in between Host and Cambodia TODKAEW Jiratchaya again hit the post and collected her 3rd individual Goal out of 5 goal scored by Thailand women Team.

Fourth Quarter of the match both teams played very well but concluded without any change in scoreboard. And Host Thailand engraved their luminous victory with 5-0 against Cambodia.

The Player of the Match:

TODKAEW Jiratchaya

Shirt 5

Country Thailand


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