Kazakhstan takes over Uzbekistan by 2-0 – WAGQ 2022



Unstoppable Kazakhstan

On the third day of the qualifying tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia’s first match of the day was between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The Kazakh team came with a lot of strength after beating Indonesia by 1-0, so they came with a confidence that they did not intend to leave behind. On the other side Uzbekistan came with their heads down after losing 4-0 against Hong Kong China.

The match during the first 3 quarters was quite even, both teams were looking to filter through the wings. Both teams were trying to attack and also both were defending in a very orderly manner.

The goals were slow in coming, but they arrived and in the 55th minute after pushing into the box, after having offensive options, the first goal came from Karlygash Bolganbayeva.

With a little more confidence the team continued attacking and just 1 minute later after an excellent wide pass from the number 17 Symbat Sabazova, it reached the post of Alina Bissirova who scored the goalkeeper’s right post to put the seal for 2-0.

Although it was a tough and even match, both teams had chances to score and both teams have very intelligent and unbalanced players, that is why the best player of the match was Kamilla Adizova, the captain of the team who played a great match.

The colorful fact in this Uzbek team is that both Kamila and her sister Sabina Adizova share team with none other than their mother Inoyatkhon Berdieva, not very common to see this kind of participation in the same team, good for the national team of Uzbekistan!

Kazakhstan is in second place and will play against Cambodia tomorrow June 9. On the other hand, the team coached by Liliya Mutalapova will have to pick up their game and win their next match against Indonesia to dream of qualifying to the Asian Games.

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