KHM President presides over an important meeting


An online meeting between KHM President Dato ‘ Sri Subahan Kamal, Deputy President of KHM, Prof. Dato’ Dr. S. Shamala, KHM Executive Board Members and Chief Executive Officer of KHM, the National Hockey Squad of Men and Women took place today.

In the meeting which had the presence of the coach and manager of the team, President KHM gave enthusiasm to all national squad lines to be strong in facing the COVID-19 challenges that hit the country.

Players are also asked to continue following all training sessions that have been framed by the coaching line at their respective homes and continue to ensure their health level is always the best.

Dato ‘ Sri Subahan also injected spirit into the entire line of Men and Women’s National Squad by announcing RM 1000 contributions will be given to each person to help ease the hardships faced during this Covid-19 season.


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