Korea Wins First Place Defeating A Strong Ireland


Korea Wins First Place Defeating A Strong Ireland 

The match started with a good performance from Korea, entering the Irish circle several times but with difficulties to break the goal. Both teams were very defensive and managed to keep the ball from entering the goal in numerous attempts. The first 15 minutes passed with no score.


During the second quarter, Ireland saw its first opportunity to score but failed. A penalty corner was won by Korea but the goalkeeper, Ayeisha McFerran, saved it well. The Asians tried to capitalize the aftermath but couldn’t achieve the goal. After a penalty-corner move, Kathryn Mullan had the ball in the net but was disallowed for obstruction.The first-half finished 0-0 with no mayor situations.


In the second-half Ireland started with energy and had a few chances of opening the score, but weren’t able to break the Korean circle. The Asians had a chance to make a difference in two penalty-corners, but missed the goal. The Irish counter-attacked, but couldn’t pass the Asian defense. By the end of the third quarter the Irish goalkeeper shined saving a ball that was directly going towards her in a quick move.


The last quarter began with a well-managed move by South Korea’s Hyunji Kim that ended in the first goal of the match. Ireland tried its best to put pressure, but couldn’t succeed, and Korea once again attacked the Irish circle. Two new penalty-corners for the Asians were blocked once again by McFerran.The Irish got a penalty-corner opportunity but missed their chance to equal the score. Five minutes to go, and in a very synced moved, Eunbi Cheon made the second score for Korea. Ireland struggled to counter-attack in an attempt to get a quick equaliser, as the Koreans were stronger. A last minute penalty corner helped the Europeans change their odds, with their first goal by Nicola Daly. Within six seconds to the end, Korea made an easy third goal, comfortably winning the match and the first place. Both teams qualified for the Olympics qualifiers.


Malaysia Smashed Czech Republic 3-0 Earning Third Place


The Czech Republic began the match in control of the ball, with two wasted penalty-corners. On a counter-attack, Malaysia got a penalty-corner, but couldn’t beat the Czech defense. By the end of the 1st quarter, and thanks to a free hit, the Asians scored their first goal by Hanis Onn.


The game continued with a missed penalty-corner by the Czech Republic. The European team kept playing in the Malaysian circle, trying to level the score. But things reverted, and Malaysia took control of the match, with two wasted penalty-corners. The Europeans reacted and brought the game to the Asian area, with a clear opportunity to score, but ended the first half losing 0-1.


The second-half of the game began with an attempt from the Czech Republic to draw the game, but they couldn’t beat the Asian defense. In a quick well-played move, and thanks to Fazilla Sylvester, Malaysia made their second goal. The Czechs failed to score in a clearly good chance during a free-hit and didn’t take advantage when Malaysia got a yellow card, losing a player for five minutes. Although they were given another penalty-corner shoot, the Malayan goalkeeper, Farah Yahya, prevented the ball from entering the goal.


The final fifteen minutes began with a predominance of the Malayan team attacking the Czeck circle. Four minutes before the end of the match, the Europeans, with a penalty-corner, tried once more to put the ball in the Asian goal, but missed it. A last minute goal, in a brilliant move by Nuramirah Zulkifli, put the Asians 3-0. Malaysia was superior in every way the whole match, earning a much-deserved third place.



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