Learn hockey skills with the AHF Hockey Skills Series!

Ali Ikram

This is a very difficult time we all are facing, being anxious about the ongoing pandemic. AHF will be posting articles and videos about different aspects of the game to improve your knowledge of the game. While you are stuck at home, here are some basic skills for you to learn at home!

Dummy right left

This skill pulls the opponent’s left side with a feint and then dribbles past to the right side.

You can try this at home by placing obstacles such as markers and practice without an opponent. Japan Men’s National team’s Kenta Tanaka is known for mastering this skill.

4th Sweep

This is a stroke skill that will give you a strong and consistent pass. Hold the stick low and sweep over the pitch, it will be difficult to practice this skill without a large space, try image training is also effective. Shiori Oikawa of the Japanese Women’s team perfects this sweep on a regular basis.

Videos of these players showing their skills are posted below.



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