Level 3 Coaching course kicks off in Ipoh!

Siegfried Aikman, Tahir Zaman & Mike Joyce head the course

Danish Yazdani

The FIH-AHF Academy today held the Level 3 Coaching course in Ipoh, Malaysia. Today marked the first day of the Level 3 coaching course, which will go on for a total of 4 days. After the course induction was completed, candidates were required to give a presentation on a problem-based topic presented to them by the Academy.

Later on, Asian Champion coach Mr. Siegfried Aikman gave presentations on the principles of Attack and Defense. To illustrate his point, he used videos from the last World Cup.

A total of 14 participants are attending the course, which is bound to be concluded on the 25th of March. The AHF wishes them the best of luck in their pursuit of excellence!

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