Macau Hockey Association’s 48th Anniversary Cup ended successfully

This game consists of 6 clubs totaling 10 teams. Includes Macau Youth Sports Association A, Macau Youth Sports Association B, Cup Club A, Cup Club B, Zuko Digital School Federation A, Zuko Digital School Federation B, Hockey Club A, Hockey Club B, Penley and Russtania.
The tournament was played in a six-man system. After the initial game, the Zuko Digital School League A, the B and Penley played the cup and plate finals in Group A, Hockey Club A and the Duko Digital School League B.
The results are as follows:
Cups: Zuko Digital School League A (9) vs (1) 隼 A
Bowl: Club B (1) vs (3) Hockey Club A
Discs: Zuko Digital School League B (2)vs (1) Penley
Cup winner’s cup: Zuko Digital Sports School League A
Bowl Champion Cup: Hockey Club
Disc Champion Cup: Zuko Digital School League B
On the same day, the 2023 league individual award and the 2023 Macau cup award were presented:
Most valuable player ⚡: Zuko Digital School League – Lin Jiahei
Best Goalkeeper ????:Zhuke Digital School Federation – Jiajie Xu
God’s Archer Cup: 隼-Li Yifeng
Macau Cup 2023:
Champion 1 ⃣-Zroke Digital Sports School League
Runner-up 2 ⃣ – Macau Hockey Club
2nd Runner-up 3 ⃣ – Macau Youth Sports Association
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