Macau-Hong Kong Inter-port Cup 2017 Review

Hong Kong claimed the prize in 2016.

15 March

Macau-Hong Kong Inter-port Cup is an annual association football match between Hong Kong and Macau. The matches are hosted by the two alternatively each year. The tournament has been around since 1937 and the world has seen more than 70 successful tournaments take place each year.

This year it was Macau’s turn to host the Annual Hong Kong –Macau Inter-Port Cup 2017. After ten years, Macau veterans beat Hong Kong Veterans by 3 -2. Other matches included U21 Hong Kong who beat U21 Macau 1 – 0 and Hong Kong Seniors beat Macau Seniors (2:1)

An award ceremony included President Macau Hockey Mr. Filipe Senna Fernandes and Sarender Dillon, President HK Hockey, and President Hong Kong Hockey gave away the trophies and medal to the participants.

FIH Umpire manager Mr Billy Dillon, Brend Sumith, International Umpire Mr. Tabassum, Mr. Ernest Li,  and Mr. Jorge among members of Macau Hockey Association participated in the event.

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