Malaysia and Thailand Men’s Register Victories on the Opening Day of the Indoor Asia Cup 2022


Men’s Indoor Asia Cup 2022 – Day 1


Just as we had a very vibrant start with many goals in the women’s side, the men’s side was no exception.

Kazakhstan 4 vs Indonesia 4

The men’s tournament kicked off with the match between Kazakhstan vs Indonesia. The Kazakh team has a long history in this competition completing its seventh participation in this year’s tournament, while Indonesia is in its second participation and dreams of qualifying to the World Cup.

It was a very tough match in which the game was played wide open. Surprisingly Indonesia started winning with a goal by ALFIANA Muhamad putting his team first on the scoreboard. Indonesia did not slow down and managed to score their first 4 goals in a row. The goals were scored by PRAWESTI Candra and ALFIANA Muhamad. The team led by RAJ Dhaarma (also coach of the women’s team) was pushing his team not to fall behind and continue with this rhythm, against a historical participant of this tournament that did not give any answer.

The yellow team did not give up and came back in the 26th minute of the match with the help of URMANOV Daulet, giving his team a breath of fresh air. From that moment on and a change of attitude on the part of the yellow team, they started to score goals while Indonesia did not react. They managed to score 3 more goals by DYUSSEBEKOV Yerkebulan, ALMEN Talant, and URMANOV Daulet to score the equalizer and the last goal of the match.

In a vibrant performance by both teams, the Huamark Indoor Stadium witnessed a more than fascinating start to the men’s tournament.

The next match for both teams will be Indonesia vs Iran, while Kazakhstan will play against Singapore.


Malaysia 6 vs Singapore 0

The second match of the day was between Malaysia, who are in their eighth participation in this tournament, and Singapore, who are in their third.

The difference between both teams could be seen from the beginning, as the yellow team has a lot of experience in indoor field hockey and they made it felt on the field when attacking and also when defending.

Malaysia scored their first goal in the 16th minute through MOHD Faridzul, a goal that allowed the team led by RAHIM Amin to open the scoring for 5 more goals. Another goal by MOHD Faridzul in the 23rd minute was followed by goals by MOHD HAZEMI Razali, HANAFIAH Aslam, SILVERIUS Shello and SUMANTRI Norsyafiq, the latter in the 36th minute of the match to seal the first victory for the historic team. Singapore played a good game, managing to attack and generate plays, but it was not enough against this great Malaysian team.

The best player of the match was the scorer in the number 7 jersey, Faridzu Mohd, the 29-year-old experienced player who helped his team to win this first match.

Singapore will play against Kazakhstan tomorrow August 9, while Malaysia will play against Chinese Taipei also tomorrow.


Thailand 5 vs Chinese Taipei 1

The last match of the day was between the host of the tournament, adding his seventh participation in this tournament, while Chinese Taipei adds his fifth participation in the most important indoor Hockey tournament in the continent.

Thailand had much more control of the ball throughout the match and that is why they managed to score after 5 minutes of play through SUKWONG Pongpon from a penalty corner.

The white team tried to defend and attack, but the red team did not give them much chance to play during the 40 minutes of the game.

YODSAENG Anucha scored two more goals for the Reds in the 9th and 12th minute of play, putting his team 3-0 ahead.

In the same minute, SHIH Chung-Po scored the first goal of the match for his team. At 3-1, the chances of reversing the match were not so far away for WANG Yun-Chang’s team. Although it was extremely hard for both teams during the third and fourth half, in the 28th minute YODSAENG Anucha made it 4-1, and 4 minutes later TRONGTHAISONG Thoranin made it 5-1.

The best player of the match was YODSAENG Anucha who with a hat-trick starts this indoor tournament on the right foot.

Thailand will play their next match against Malaysia on August 10, while Chinese Taipei will play against the same opponent, but tomorrow August 9.

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