Malaysian Hockey Confederation announces establishment of Root Special Program Training Center


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (KHM) today announced the establishment of a Grassroots Special Program Training Center which will be based at the Bukit Jalil National Hockey Stadium, where it is one of the projects under the KHM-MSN-KPM National Hockey Development Program (NHDP).

The free program is expected to start in early March after obtaining the approval of the Malaysian government and is open to children aged 12 years and below as well as targeting participation from all over Malaysia.

KHM President, Dato ‘Sri Subahan Kamal in a press conference today also announced the appointment of Kevin Nunis, an icon in hockey in Malaysia as the Head Coach of the Grassroots Special Program and will be assisted by the Assistant Coach who is also a former national player, Nabil Fikri Mohd Noor.

“This is one of the projects under the NHDP Program and it will be monitored directly by KHM and although it is open to all but it is still subject to the rules that will be provided.

“Let the bamboo bend from the shoot and the age under 12 is the best age to shape them into a player who is not only the best in hockey but also their personality including being a disciplined, good at carrying themselves, according to the instructions given to have fun when training session.

“This project is also one of the ways for KHM and former national players to serve the community again by sharing their experience and knowledge in the sport of hockey.

“The selection of Kevin Nunis as the Head Coach is because he has extensive experience in the field of development, working closely with young people and he is a former national player and one of the icons in the sport of hockey.

“He will be assisted by Nabil Fiqri who is also a former national player and Nabil was selected after undergoing several selection processes besides he is also a person who is quite committed, is a pretty firm player outside and on the field, someone who is passionate and interested in hockey so high, “explained Dato ‘Sri Subahan.


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