Malaysian National Coach Arul Called 22 Players to Train as a part of the National Squad


The Malaysian national coach Arul called 22 players to train as a part of the national squad.

The operator of the National Men’s Senior Squad, Arul Selvaraj today announced the list of 22 players who were called to wear the national jersey after the end of the TNB Malaysia Hockey League 2021 Championship, earlier this month.

The training session which will begin on April 15 (Thursday) saw only one new face called to join the national camp, where Muhammad Azri Hassan, who was not with the national team before, returned to wear the national jersey and 21 old players were retained in the squad selection this time.

According to the list that has been released, the average age of players with the national team is 26.5 years with 10 players representing the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) team, seven players from Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), three Maybank players and two more players from Terengganu. Hockey Team (THT).

The names of the players are as follows,

  1. Muhammad Hafizuddin B. Othman (Tht) Goalkeeper
  2. Adrian Andy Albert (Unikl) Goalkeeper
  3. Muhammad Zaimi B. Mat Deris (Maybank) Goalkeeper
  4. Mohammad Hairi B. Abdul Rahman (Tnb) Goalkeeper
  5. Muhammad Razie B. Abdul Rahim (Unikl) Defense
  6. Muhammad Marhan B. Mohd Jalil (Unikl) Defense
  7. Zulpidaus B. Mizun (Unikl) Defense
  8. Syed Mohamad Syafiq B. Syed Cholan (Tnb) Defense
  9. Muhammad Najib B. Abu Hassan (Tnb) Defense
  10. Muhammad Aminuddin B. Mohd Zain (Tnb) Defense
  11. Muhammad Azri B. Hassan (Unikl) Defense
  12. Muhammad Najmi Farizal B. Jazlan (Maybank) Defense
  13. Nik Muhammad Aiman B. Nik Rozemi (Tnb) Tengah
  14. Faiz Helmi B. Jali (Tnb) Tengah
  15. Muhamad Ramadan B. Rosli (Tnb) Tengah
  16. Mohamad Ashran B. Hamsani (Unikl) Tengah
  17. Meor Muhammad Azuan B. Hassan (Maybank) Central
  18. Norsyafiq B. Sumantri (Tnb) Attacker
  19. Muhammad Firhan B. Ashaari (Tnb) Attacker
  20. Muhammad Shahril B. Saabah (Tnb) Attacker
  21. Faizal B. Saari (Tht) Attacker
  22. Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin B. Tengku Abdul Jalil (Unikl) Attacker


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