Malaysian Thrived to pick Gold Medal in Men Indoor Asia Cup 2022 While Iran Got Silver


Malaysian Thrived to pick Gold Medal by shout outs in Men Indoor Asia Cup 2022


Malaysia (4-3SO) vs. Iran (4-2SO)

Final Match for Men Indoor Asia Cup 2022 in Bangkok Thailand between Malaysia and Iran.

In the first quarter, BOHLOULI Mohsen Iranian Shirt number 8 scored a goal by taking the advantage of plenty corner and lead Iran by 1 goal against Malaysia.

In Second Quarter HAMSANI Ashran of Malaysia scored brilliant field goal to level the match for the instant at 12th minute of the match. SILVERIUS Shello with the shirt number 15 come forward and strike the pole and extend the lead by 2-1 for Malaysia. MIRZAKHANI Amirmahdi scored magnificent goal wearing Iranian shirt number 11 to equal the score by 2-2 by the end of second quarter.

Third Quarter of the match JAMIL AZOMI Norhafizie with shirt number 7 of Malaysia scored the goal to take the lead of 3-2 till the end of third quarter.

Fourth quarter initiated with the splendid field of the Iranian shirt number 10 KARIMI Mohammad at 32nd minute of the match to equal the score by 3-3. HAMSANI Ashran from Malaysia scored a goal at 36th minute of the match. But NOORANIAN Hamid Again level the match at 38th minute of the match by 4-4.

In shootouts Malaysia won the match by 3-2 SO over Iran.






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