Men’s Junior AHF Cup 2019 – Final Day Review

Juan Budes

In the last day of the Cup, the match for the 7th place between Iran and Sri Lanka finished 1-1- They went into shootouts where Mahdi Shahrokhi, the team’s captain, made the difference and got the Iranians the 7th place.

Meanwhile, Thailand and Singapore played an uneventful game with only one goal scored by the Singaporeans in the minute 6’, getting them 5th place.

In a very challenging match for the 3rd place, both Chinese Taipei and Uzbekistan threw everything at the game, with incredible discipline. By the end of the 2nd half, and with the help of a penalty-stroke the Uzbekistanis tried to equalize the score, but a very determined Chinese Taipei team was superior and won 5-3.

China and Oman played the Cup’s final match, where both teams began playing safe, in a very defensive way. They had an incredibly tight and hard game and despite various attempts, no one scored during the 60 minutes. Shootouts followed, and it was Yaozhen Xu goal that sealed China’s victory, crowning themselves as champions!


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