Men’s Junior AHF Cup Muscat 2023 – DAY 6

Last day at the Sultan Qaboos Complex,


With the final matches and the long-awaited final of this tournament.

Indonesia 3 vs Hong Kong China 1

The first match of the day was between Indonesia and Hong Kong China for the 7/8th Place.

The red team started with a goal after 8 minutes of play scored by WIBOWO Arthur to open the scoreboard and take the lead in a match that would be a tight game with a lot of back and forth.

After 15 minutes, the same player scored the second goal for his team from a penalty corner to make it 2-0.

DILLON Kulwant’s team would try to find the spaces to score, but after 23 minutes of play RADITYA Derangga made it 3-0 and took the lead with possession of the ball for the rest of the match.

It was only in the 55th minute that McNEIL Cameron scored a penalty corner goal to make it 3-1.

The match would end with that result, placing Indonesia in 7th place, while Hong Kong China would finish in last place in the championship.

The best player of the match was MAHENDRA Julian #22 of Indonesia.

Sri Lanka 4 vs Chinese Taipei 5

The second match of this last day in the Men’s Junior AHF Cup Muscat 2023 for the 5/6th Place was between Sri Lanka and Chinese Taipei.

The match started with an advantage for the team coached by RATNAM, with a goal after two minutes of play scored by Yueh Chin-Cheng.

The match was very balanced between both teams, with both teams having chances to score in the first quarter of the match but without success.

It was in the 47th minute that the pot was uncovered, and a cataract of goals began to fall. In the 47th and 48th minutes SHIH Chung-Po scored 2 goals in two minutes to make it 3-0. BATUVITA Sandaruwan scored the first goal of the match for his team in the 49th minute to make it 3-1. In the 50th minute SHIH Chung-Po scored his hat-trick on a penalty stroke to make it 4-1 and give the Reds a further lead.

In the 51st and 55th minutes BANDARA Pramod made it 4-2 and GIRABEWATTE Radun made it 4-3 and the score was closer than it had been all matches.

Giving a little more adrenaline the scorer SHIH Chung-Po made it 5-3 with another penalty stroke thinking that the match would end in that score, a little more comfortable for Chinese Taipei but in the 58th minute JAYAKODI Deshan made it 5-4.

Chinese Taipei took a breather at the end of the match to take the 5th Place, while Sri Lanka took the 6th Place.

The best player of the match was CHEN Yung-Sheng who played a great game to try to tie the match.

Chinese Taipei is Qualified for Men’s Junior Asia cup 2023.

Thailand 2 vs Uzbekistan 2 (2-1 SO)

In the match for the 3/4th Place you could feel a climate of extreme competition between two teams that wanted to be as high as possible on the podium.

After 4 minutes of play SOTLIKOV Doston immediately put the 1-0 for the team in white who were ready to give everything from the first minutes of the game.

They went to the break with the advantage, but in the second half of the match more exactly in the 35th minute PHOKPHUN Udomchok converted the equalizer to give life to the team led by KIM Kyung Soo that would fight until the end.

In the 49th minute PHUMEE Kritsana managed to turn the score around and put his team ahead on the scoreboard to take a little more confidence to go in search of the result and the third place.

With 4 minutes left in the match ISMOILOV Amur made it 2-2 agonizingly for his team to stretch the result to the shoot-out.

In the shoot-out only 3 players managed to convert and make it 2-1 for Thailand.

The best player of the match was MADAMINOV Abdusalom.

All teams received the Tournament Participation Certificate.

Bangladesh 1 vs Oman 1 (7-6 SO)

An expected final, two historical teams of this tournament where nobody was going to give anything away and wanted to give everything to leave their country at the top.

The match was back and forth during the 60 minutes, where both played a very good game, showing their strengths, their ability to attack and to defend.

However, after 2 minutes of play AL-NOUFALI Alkhoder surprised and converted the 1-0 at the beginning of the game that gave strength to the locals against a Bangladeshi team that was not going to miss the opportunity to win this match.

Both had many chances to score, but to no avail. Oman was winning the game with more tranquility as it had 1 goal in favor, while Bangladesh was desperate to regain the ball as quickly as possible.

It was in the 53rd minute that the scorer HASAN Md scored his seventh goal in the tournament (having scored in all the matches) to tie the match and force it to go to shoot-out.

The shoot-out was very tense because unlike the previous match here almost all the goals were converted, ending the result 7-6 for Bangladesh to take the gold medal and Oman to take the silver medal. Thailand took the bronze medal, achieving their best position in their participation in this tournament.

The best player of the match was SAJU Md #14 who played a formidable game to tie the home team in the last minutes of the game and crown it with the shoot-out.

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