Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 – DAY 8

Day 8 of the championship in Salalah,


Oman defined the two 5-8th place matches played between Japan vs Oman, and Bangladesh vs Thailand. These positions would define who would play for fifth and sixth place, as well as seventh and eighth place.

JAPAN 8 VS OMAN 0 (5-8th Place)

The first match was between Japan and Oman who had finished third and fourth respectively in their groups.

Although Japan had finished in a better position, Oman had proven to have a strong character on the field and would not let this chance go by so easily.

Despite the efforts of the local national team to stop the red machine, they gave no respite and scored 8 goals from the 19th minute where they scored the first until the 58th minute where they scored the last goal. The goals were scored by YASUDA Kumpei x 3, YAMASAKI Ryoga,SAITO Hiro,SAEKI Ikumi,TANAKA Tsubasa and HIGUCHI Yuto.

Oman had no chance to score but had shots on goal that were very well defended by Japan’s defense and goalkeeper.

With this result, Japan will play for the 5/6th Place, while the home team will play for the 7/8th Place on June 1st.

The best player of the match was YASUDA Kumpei from Japan who scored three goals in today’s match and has 9 in total in the tournament so far.


The second match for the definition of the 5-8th place was between Bangladesh third in Pool B and Thailand who finished fourth in Pool A. Both teams managed to reach this stage with a lot of effort and match by match having more and more confidence in themselves.  Although Bangladesh was the favorite due to their position in the group, Thailand had a very good group stage to reach today’s match.

Bangladesh was quick to show their supremacy and within a minute of play they had already put their team 1-0 up with a goal by ALI Md.

Nine minutes later ISLAM Amirul made it 2-0 to add goals and gain confidence. But KIM Jung Chul’s team did not want to be left behind and in the 17th minute PHUMEE Kritsana scored the first goal for his team to make the game 2-1. A minute after that HASAN Md widened the gap to 3-1 for Bangladesh and in the 57th minute HOSSAIN Md made it 4-1.

Bangladesh will play against Japan and Thailand will play against Oman for the fifth and sixth places, while the other two teams will play for the seventh and eighth places.

The best player of the match was Ali Muhammad, scorer of one of Bangladesh’s goals.

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