Mental Health Awareness During Pandemic Times


It is a strange time in the world. We have spent weeks at home, plans have been changed countless times and the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been postponed. Through this chaos no one has been training in gyms, pools or other group settings. Now we are talking about going back. That brings a range of emotions, including both excitement and fear. Athletes most likely feel excited to resume training and regain some pattern of normalcy. At the same time, there will be fears about so many unknowns and potential risks.

6 things to have in consideration coming back after lockdown:

1. Attend to your anxieties and worries. Talk to your coaches, parents and trusted friends. Make sure you have a voice. If you feel something, say something. Then find solutions together.

2. We will all have to adapt. The most important muscle in adapting is the mental muscle. When we face adversity, we become stronger, and that builds resilience.

3. Communicate with coaches and staff.

4. Physically isolate. But don’t socially disconnect. Be creative in staying connected yet safe.

5. Realize that your body won’t feel the same after time off. Be kind to yourself and manage expectations to be realistic about what you can achieve when training resumes.

6. Similarly, your confidence might not be where it was. Be patient and be kind to yourself. Your confidence will return with more training time.

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