Mr. Zahid Ali Honored with Prestigious “Enbek Danky” Badge for Contributions to Hockey Development


 The Ministry of Sports, Tourism, and Culture of Kazakhstan has awarded Mr. Zahid Ali the prestigious “Enbek Danky” badge, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the development of hockey in Kazakhstan. This accolade highlights Mr. Zahid Ali’s dedication and tireless efforts in promoting and advancing the sport within the region.


The “Enbek Danky” badge is one of Kazakhstan’s highest honors, given to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to their fields. Receiving this badge underscores Mr. Ali’s remarkable achievements and his commitment to advancing his profession while positively impacting the community. The award was presented to Mr. Zahid Ali by Saule Kurmashevna Ahmadieva, Chairperson of the Sports, Tourism, Culture, Trade Union of Professional Jetisu and Almaty Province, Kazakhstan.


In addition to this honor, the Sports Ministry of Kazakhstan has further acknowledged Mr. Zahid Ali’s significant impact on hockey development. As an FIH Educator and an Asian Hockey Federation Competition Manager, Mr. Zahid Ali has made remarkable contributions not only to Kazakhstan but also to the broader Central Asian region.


Mr. Zahid Ali’s work has been instrumental in elevating the standards of hockey, fostering young talent, and promoting the sport at various levels. His expertise and commitment have been pivotal in driving the growth and popularity of this magnificent Olympic sport across Central Asia.


The Ministry of Sports, Tourism, and Culture extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Zahid Ali for his achievements and contributions. His dedication serves as an inspiration to many and underscores the importance of continued support and development within the sporting community.


Asian Hockey Federation President Fumio Ogura also extended his heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Zahid Ali on receiving the prestigious “Enbek Danky” badge. President Ogura emphasized that Mr. Ali’s remarkable achievement is a testament to his unwavering dedication and exceptional efforts in the realm of hockey development. He praised Mr. Zahid Ali for his significant contributions that have not only elevated hockey within Kazakhstan but also had a profound impact across the entire Central Asian region.

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