Uzbekistan National Indoor Hockey Cup U-16, Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan is ongoing


The Uzbekistan National Indoor Hockey Cup U-16, is ongoing in the Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan (15 – 19 February 2021). With this under-16 tournament, the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation is bringing it’s Strategic Plan 2028 into action with a focus on promoting Youth Development in the region.

The participating teams in the tournament are:

1. Khorezm
2. Qoraqalpog‘iston 1
3. Namangan
4. Andijon terma
5. Sirdaryo
6. Toshkent
7. Samarqand
8. Navoiy
9. Samarqand terma
10. Qoraqalpog‘iston 2

The results for the matches that have taken place until now are:

Khorezm – Qoraqalpog‘iston (3-0)
Namangan – Andijon (2-2)
Sirdaryo – Toshkent (0-5)
Samarqand – Navoiy (1-6)
Samarqand terma – Qoraqalpog‘iston (4-1)

The AHF wishes the best of luck to the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation in carrying out its duties in the region and with this tournament. Youth Development in all regions of Asia is a top priority for the AHF and such activities are always welcome.

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