Afghanistan National Hockey Tournament takes place in Khost Province, Afghanistan


On the 18th of December, Afghanistan Hockey Federation organized a National Tournament in the Khost Province of Afghanistan, with the help of the Sports Directorate Khost Province. A total of ten teams took part in the grand tournament, which saw audiences cheering at the exciting back to back matches. The dedication and willingness of the Afghan athletes must be admired, as they came out of their homes to take part in this tournament despite the danger of coronavirus, unfavorable weather conditions and insufficient surface facilities. Despite all these set backs, they gave it their all to keep audiences entertained.

Director of Sports, Khost Province, President Afghanistan Hockey Federation Mustafa Sadaat, and President and Secretary-General of Khost Hockey Association were present at the proceedings. These personalities distributed certificates and medals at the closing ceremony of the tournament.

The efforts of the Khost Province to further the growth of hockey in the region are highly appreciated by the Asian Hockey Federation!

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