National Women’s Hockey Team of Korea Provides Scholarship to Junior Players



Women’s hockey national team, Kim Seon-ah (Korea National University of Sports) sponsored a scholarship for junior players.

The Korea Hockey Association announced yesterday on 10th June that “Kim Seon-ah delivered a donation of 500,000 won each to Jang Su-an (Onyang Hanol High School) and Lee Jeong-bin (Jecheon Sang High School), the youth national team.”

Kim Seon-ah said, “I received support through the New Star Athletic Headquarters project in April.” “As I received it on behalf of a Korean hockey player, I wanted to use it for the development of hockey, and I wanted to be of some help to junior players with excellent performance.” The spiral background was explained.

Kim Seon-ah – who was selected as the grand prize winner of the ‘New Star Athletic Headquarters’ project of the Korea Sports Council in April this year – to support promising sportsmen, gave the scholarship.

Jang Su-an and Lee Jung-bin said, “I have always wanted to play hockey like Kim Sun-ah, and it’s an honour to receive a scholarship.


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