Official Match Schedule Revealed for the Men’s and Women’s Junior AHF Cup Singapore 2024


The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) has officially unveiled the much-anticipated match

schedule for the upcoming Men’s and Women’s Junior AHF Cup Singapore 2024.

The Tournament is set to take place in Singapore, total 12 teams for men’s include Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Oman, Chinese Taipei, China, Hong Kong China, Kazakhstan, Iran and Cambodia and 7 Teams for Women’s include Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong China, Thailand, Singapore Indonesia Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. The junior AHF Cup is the qualifier for the Junior Asia cup and the Top 5 Teams will Ǫualify for the Junior Asia cup for both men’s and women’s.

President of the Asian Hockey Federation, Dato Fumio Ogura said, “These tournaments represent the pinnacle of junior hockey in Asia, and we are excited to see the talented young athletes showcase their skills on the international stage This tournament promises exhilarating matches, showcasing the burgeoning talent in the field of hockey across Asia.

The Junior AHF Cup is a prestigious event in the hockey calendar, serving as a platform for aspiring young athletes to exhibit their skills and compete at an international level. With teams from various Asian nations vying for glory, the tournaments are poised to deliver captivating action and fierce competition.

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