Olympic Qualifiers – Great Britain vs Malaysia Match 2


Great Britain (4) surprised Malaysia (1) in the second half.

During the first minutes of the first quarter, both teams sheared the possession of the ball. But in the minute 6 Malaysia took the lead after the initial shot from Malaysia´s penalty corner was chased down, but Nabil Noor was on hand to shoot home past goalkeeper George Pinner. Malaysia continued dominating the game, every time that they were inside of the 25 British yards, they were a threat. While Malaysia was having the ball, the British team had a few opportunities to score with a penalty corner, but the shot was blocked and cleared by Kumar Subramiam.

At the start of the second quarter, Malaysia kept dominating the game. Great Britain was not having the best day. Thanks to a nice work by Phil Roper, GB won a penalty corner, but the shot was saved by Kumar and a second penalty corner attempt was cleared. Almost at the end of this period, a great run by Rozemi lead to a penalty corner for Malaysia but George Pinner blocked the shot.

At the beginning of the second half of the match, things changed, and GB scored. Sam Ward put the British team on equal terms. A moment of brilliance from Phil Roper as he took the ball into the Malaysia circle fired home to turn the match around. But GB was on fire and a minute after the second goal, an amazing touch from James Gall that placed the ball perfectly in the path of Alan Forsyth for scoring the third goal.

At the beginning of the last quarter, the British team once again scored a goal this time by James Gall. GB was on fire and kept the possession. Malaysia had some other opportunities to score. A penalty corner shot by Razie Rahum was chased down by Will Calnan. During the second half of the last quarter, Malaysia started to pressure the British circle. George Pinner saved the day from another Razie Rahim penalty corner attempt. Four minutes from the end of the match, Abu Kamal Azrai had a great chance to score but the shot flew and high of Pinner´s goal.

After a first half that saw Malaysia dominating play and taking an early lead, the second half was all about Great Britain. The match ended with GB 4- Malaysia 1.


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