Oman Hockey Association organized a National Level- 2 Coaching Course


Oman Hockey Association organized a National Level- 2 Coaching Course from 18 – 21 April 2019 at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.

The Oman Hockey Association yesterday on 21st April 2019, celebrated the graduation of 17 Coaches from the 1st & 2nd levels at the Academy of the Oman Olympic Committee in the presence of Sheikh Saif bin Hilal Al Hosani, Acting Chairman of the Olympic Committee, and also attended by the FIH Sr. Coach & FIH Academy Trainer Tahir Zaman & FIH Educator Shakir Munir.

Sheikh Saif Al Hosani said in a brief speech during the ceremony that the Academy of the Olympic Committee is a basic trait for the rehabilitation of national cadres in various professional disciplines, stressing the importance of Coaching and training, asking students to make the most of such a course and be applied in practice through training national cadres in clubs.

Al-Husani stressed in his speech the importance of training and qualification, stressing that the training has become a stand-alone science. It is necessary to take advantage of all the available tools and keep abreast of the continuous development in the training science and that the training courses should not be only for the purpose of obtaining the certificate. Which serves to fine-tune the trainers and bring them to higher levels in training science.

Captain Talib Khamis Al Wahaibi, Chairman of the Omani Hockey Association said:

The role of the Omani Olympic Academy is well known to all. The athletes are always looking forward to their leading role in promoting Omani sport at all levels and in all games. Al Wahaibi added: “We honor the students in the international training course for the first and second level hockey coaches in the priority of the Omani Hockey Association by training the technical staff of the game, whether for coaches or referees who are considered the two wings of the hockey game in the Sultanate, and we are determined to continue their training and improve their scientific and technical level.”

“The Oman Hockey Association is currently in the process of organizing an international hockey Coaching Course under the umbrella of the Oman Olympic Committee and under the supervision of the AHF in September this year to complete the Association’s plan to upgrade the coaches according to the international classification system. Wishing them success with their teams and clubs as well as the continuous knowledge of everything that is new in the world of modern hockey to serve the Sultanate, as well as the humbled thanks to FIH Trainer Tahir Zaman for his efforts during the session and everyone who contributed to the completion and success in this course.

The Coaching course, which started on April 18, witnessed the participation of 18 Coaches: Younis Saeed Al Wahaibi from Quriyat Club, Rashid bin Mohammed Al-Fazzari from Al-Khaboura Club, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Balushi from Al Salam Club, Wael Mahmoud Yahya from Salalah Club and Sameh Bin Awad Naseeb from Al Ittihad Club and Hani Bin Mubarak Al-Kalibi from Al-Seeb Club, Mohammed Hoobais, Al-Jindal, Medhat Mohammed Al-Sukari, Ahmed Khamis Thabit from Al-Nasr Club, Mostafa Khalil Abdul Rahman from Boushar Club, Ahmed Kamal Abdul Rahman from Dhofar Club, Safwat Reza Abdo from Nizwa Club, Yasser Al-Shazli, Mr. Mubarak and Waleed Farouq Abd Aziz from the Ministry of Sports Affairs and Varsha Sen of the Indian school Al Mabela.


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