Opening Ceremony – Women’s Asia Cup Muscat 2022


Muscat (Oman), 19 January 2022: The Women’s Asia Cup Muscat 2022 (The Women’s World Cup 2022 Asian Qualifier) trophy unveiled during the opening ceremony of the event in Muscat, Oman. This is the 10th edition of the prestigious event.

The opening ceremony was held on 19 January 2022. All the significant personalities affiliated with the Oman Hockey Association participated in the ceremony.

The opening ceremony started at 1300 hrs. Muscat Time. The ceremony was facilitated in two languages namely English and Arabic. There was a brief introduction of the Women’s Asia Cup at the start of the ceremony followed by the introduction of the dignitaries and the introduction of the team captains.

Dr Marwan president of the Oman Hockey Association thanked Asian Hockey Federation for the opportunity to host Women’s Asia Cup Muscat 2022. He mentioned his goodwill to host the hockey events in future.

Chief Executive Asian Hockey Federation Dato’ Tayyab Ikram thanked Oman Hockey Association for hosting the event. He mentioned that hosting Women’s Asia Cup Muscat 2022 is a big step forward to the regional development of the Middle East and Asia. He mentioned that Oman was already playing a key role in the development of hockey in the region, the vision of the Oman to host hockey events is appreciable. Dato Tayyab congratulated Oman for the formation of their women’s team. Dato’ Tayyab encouraged Oman’s efforts to establish and develop their women’s hockey as well.

Apart from Thailand, all the seven team captains and team managers attended the opening ceremony. These teams included, China, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The team captains were introduced to the attendants of the ceremony. All the captains spoke to the meeting and thanked for the opportunity to participate in the event.

The Oman National Women’s Hockey Team, for the very first time, was introduced to the world hockey stage by the President Oman Hockey Association Dr Marwan Juma Al Juma. It was indeed a big moment for Oman Hockey Association announcing and introducing their National Women’s Hockey Team. Dato’ Tayyab extended congratulation to Oman Hockey Association for achieving this remarkable feat. The Dato’ Tayyab Ikram on behalf of the Asian Hockey Federation presented a special souvenir to the Oman Women’s Team as a commemoration to the formal announcement of their formation.

The trophy of the Women’s Asia Cup Muscat 2022 was unveiled. Dato’ Tayyab, Dr Marwan, and all team captains performed the unveiling ceremony. The beautiful ceremony revealed a brilliant trophy to be vied for by the top teams from all over the Asia.

On behalf of the Asian Hockey Federation, Dato’ Tayyab Ikram presented the Hosting certificate of Women’s Asia Cup Muscat 2022 to the President Oman Hockey Association Dr Marwan Juma Al-Juma.


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