PAK Heroes Juniors won the Gryphon World Children’s Day Hockey Festival 2021


Gryphon World Children’s Day Hockey festival 2021

PAK Heroes Juniors won the Festival

Senior Advisor Asian Hockey Federation, Former Captain, Olympian and world Champion Akhter Rasool Chaudhary was the Chief Guest


Pak Heroes’ Juniors won the Gryphon World Children’s Day Hockey


Pak Heroes Juniors beat Crescent Juniors in the final of the Gryphon World Children’s Day Hockey festival by 5 -3, Ali Razzaq, Rohan Irfan, Abdul Hadi Butt, Hashim Yaseen and Daim Baig scored goal from Pak Heroes Juniours while cresent juniours Ghulam Mustafa, Yahya Najeeb and Waqar Butt Scored the goal.

In the welcome speech FIH Trainer & Educator Manager of Coaching and Development AHF Ghulam Ghous said Sport like hockey helps to learn various virtues like teamwork, Respect the others, how come up with Challenges, coordination, and also helps to keep the body strong and healthy.

He mentioned that taking part in hockey is not only important for physical development but also for your mental growth. Hockey activities teach the lot of skills to tackle difficult situations in life. It also teaches the importance of participation and trying.

He said that you are lucky Choose to field hockey which is part of Olympic Games, Asian Games, National Games and Local Games and as well as National sport of Many countries Pakistan is one of it.

Chief Guest Senior Advisor Asian Hockey Federation former Olympian, world champion Akhter Rasool Chaudhary said if you want build the confidence, obtain the healthy body must play sports

He said Hockey helps you much more than in the physical aspects alone. It builds your character, teaches and develops strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk management.

He mentioned sport activities develops the five components of fitness, namely: strength, speed, skill, stamina and flexibility which is essential to become a world class player. In last he gave the message to children to never give up, nothing is impossible. You never know how close you are to success when you give up. He also narrated the 1982 world cup winning Journey.

Many hockey dignities present on this occasion Including Mr Abid Zia Chief Executive Crown Micro Ltd, Mr Amer Hussain Shiekh CEO CITI and SUN Bread, Rashad Saeed Butt Director KONICA Minolta, M. Shahid International Hockey Player, Salman Akhter Rasool, Naveed Khan lodhi, Tanveer Qurashi, Abdul Qadir Zahid, Ashraf Mahmood, Atif Baig, Hasan Butt, M Ijaz, Rameez TANVEER, Saqib Naqvi,  Ali Butt, Imran,  Azhar, Syed Usman, Rana Sabte Hasan.


Following players won the individual prizes

  • Best Player awarded to – Ali Razzaq
  • Top Scorer awarded to –Ghulam Mustafa
  • Emerging Player awarded to – Yahya Najeeb
  • Best Defender awarded to Waqar Ahmed Butt
  • Best Goal Keeper awarded to Dawood butt
  • Best Midfielder awarded to Abdullah Ghuman
  • Best Striker awarded to Hussnain Butt

Four teams were participated in the festival

  • Pak Heroes Juniors
  • Muhammden juniors
  • Allama Iqbal Juniors
  • Crescent juniors
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