Pakistan Hockey and Private Schools Jointly work for the development of Hockey in Pakistan


An agreement has been made between the Pakistan Hockey Federation and the All Pakistan Private Schools Association regarding the development and promotion of Pakistan Hockey at PHF Headquarters, Lahore. President of Pakistan Schools Union Mian Shabbir Ahmed signed the agreement. There will be positive work on social media channels. PHF will provide information about the game of hockey in the schools managed by APPSA and provide training assistance to the children. Drinks, flakes will be displayed in all the schools. The slogan Proud Partner of PHF with Collaboration of One Call will be displayed.

Sports policy and sports fees will be determined in consultation with all schools. APPSA will participate in the membership drive in collaboration with PHF. Certificates will be issued to EPSA by PHF. In addition, hockey sticks will be displayed at the Principal’s Office in APPSA’s Zen Management Schools.

A large number of PHF and APPSA officials were also present during the agreement.



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