ParaHockey ID Applies as a Demonstration Sport for Berlin 2023 Special Olympics World Games


The European Hockey Federation announced last week their support to have ParaHockey ID as a demonstration sport. Berlin will host the 2023 Special Olympics World Games, where two new sports will have the chance to be included as demonstration sports. The German Hockey Federation is applying for one of these two places with ParaHockey ID, with support from the FIH.

Carola Meyer, Vice President of the European Hockey Federation EHF, is also responsible for the development of ParaHockey ID internationally. That’s why she is particularly pleased about the application: “We are working with great commitment at European level to further develop and establish this variant of field hockey sport. This opportunity to present ParaHockey ID as a demonstration sport at the 2023 World

Games in Berlin would therefore be a further boost – not only in Germany. We’re doing a lot of convincing our clubs to include this field hockey variant for people with disabilities in their offerings, also because we know how much enrichment it brings to the clubs that have been offering ParaHockey ID for years”.



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