Qatar Online Level 2 National Coaching Course- Powered by Hyojito – Day 1 complete!


Day 1 of the Qatar level 2 online National Coaching course powered by Hyojito was successfully completed. The course kicked off with opening remarks from AHF CEO Dato Tayyab Ikram, he talked about the COVID-19 situation and the importance of E-learning during these testing times. This was followed by brief introductions from the participants and what their expectations and concerns were.

The day continued with discussions about the FIH Academy and workshop, after that roles and responsibilities of the coach and steps to plan a session were discussed. Towards the end of the day technical skills was explained by the educators. Participants were divided into small groups and were given an offline task based on a game scenario. Lastly possession, non possession and transition was the subject of discussion.

It was quite a busy day, with all participants showing eager willingness to learn from the educators.

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